1 INDIOS (U. Napolitano) 5:46
2 SOLO (U. Napolitano) 5:16
3 AQUILONI (U. Napolitano) 5:40
4 EOS (U. Napolitano) 4:04
5 AVRAI (C. Baglioni) 5:40
6 T-REX (U. Napolitano) 4:49
7 PEACE (U. Napolitano) 5:01
8 OVER NIGHT (U. Napolitano) 4:38



yvp music 3130

Umberto Napolitano trio

Umberto Napolitano piano
Toni Armetta acustic bass
Francesco De Rubeis drums

Umberto Napolitano´s name is becoming increasingly famous, and only among musicians, because of his knowledge of the peculiar language of jazz as well as for the utmost grace and simplicity of his style. Nowadays it´s not easy to keep one´s own aesthetic views upright, refusing the compromise in favour of a rigorous study of the jazz forms, often confronted with the deeply Mediterranean ones, but Napolitano can do this very well and his new album probably condenses the best moment of his career. His ability to work thoroughly with both hands, without ever missing neither the underlying theme nor the taste for melody, the balanced dealing with "pieces of atmosphere" as well as with more athletic ones, make of him a modern musician, capable to match form and substance.
"EOS" reminds us of a jouney into the very roots memory, a place where the compositional aspect appears as the pivot around which also improvisations seem to be turning: starting from "INDIOS", which opens the album, up to the homonymous theme or to the apparently uncommitted cover, which introduces us to Claudio Baglioni´s microcosm, the listening of his album is very pleasant, also thanks to the highly functional rhythmical interplay of Tony Armetta and Francesco De Rubeis. While striking the white and black piano keys, Napolitano offers his playmates a reliable basis on which to build up a harmonious music, both in theory and in its practical execution. Quite a rare circumstance on today´s jazz scene, but absolutely pertinent in the economy of a well balanced and convincing record.

Vittorio Pio ("passionate" music critic)

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