1 PREMISE 4:35
3 AIR SONG 6:43
4 COMMA 6:47
5 AWAITED 6:28
7 NADEVA 7:03
8 PREMISE 3:36


yvp music 3131

Francesco D`Errico
Slow Food Music 5

David Alan Gross alto sax and flute
Marco Sannini trumpet and flugelhorn
Francesco D'Errico piano
Marco de Tilla bass
Giuseppe La Pusata drums

What newness, what freshness is contained in this new release, Francesco!
The title - (which contains the name of the group too, doesn't it?) tells you about its resiliance, live or in coming records. It is said that we live on a Fast-Food planet, and as you think, life and music (even Jazz) have become just that as well!
However, your album starts off and enfolds slowly, inviting one to go deep inside. Inside the sound. A sound that, as in all your music, has a profound logic. The logic of authentic jazz: what you have you been doing since 2000 until now Francesco? Since you recorded the beautiful Av of the Americas until this CD? A CD which l consider the true sequel to Av of the Americas and at the same time a re-departure and synthesis of your many musical souls.
Since 2001 you have directed the IS Jazz Ensemble, experimenting with the orchestral palette and giving heart to your didactic calling; you met the poet Adonis, exploring in a completely non-ordinary way the alchemy between the spoken voice, singing and jazz syncope. You have met other musicians, written lots of music, and played live.
Then, one day, a new album arrives, that perhaps on the surface, doesn't seem to take into account all these experiences, but does. Brand new compositions, and not just yours, the fragrance of a trumpet and a flugelhorn that for the first time appear in your poetic lexicon, a joyful jam and a collection where everything flows, the themes, the solos, the arrangements, the atmosphere...
And yet the profound logic - the profound logic of authentic jazz is right here, in this unforeseen style; in the language's imagery; in the focus; in compositions that melt in the feeling of themes and capture the heart, compositions that have the sensation of singing softly; in the inspiration of the solos which always follow the truth of their themes, freeing, digging; your way of playing is always less adorned and
un-rhetorical. It's always more dazzling; giving back rhythm to tempo and the sense of timing; it considers a sedimentation of experiences; thoughts and feelings in an instantaneous magic, indecipherable and mysterious - which is real jazz. Again, that which is authentic.
It is a species of esoteric recipes that you and your splendid musicians are in possession of on this album, when elsewhere today music is so often ridiculously counterfeited like Fast-Food.

Pietro Mazzone

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