1 BLACK COFFEE (Webster/Burke) 4:54
2 NATURE BOY (Eden Ahbez) 6:10
3 WEIRD NIGHTMARE (Charles Mingus) 6:10
4 DUKE ELLINGTON'S SOUND OF LOVE (Charles Mingus) 3:18
5 STROLLIN' (Charles Mingus) 4:28
6 ECLIPSE (Charles Mingus) 5:38
7 GOODBYE PORK PIE HAT (Mingus/Mitchell) 4:18
8 NAIMA (Coltrane/Hendricks) 3:25
(Gershwin/Gershwin) 4:13
10 MOONDANCE (Van Morrison) 4:4
11 THE DRY CLEANER FROM DES MOINES (Mingus/Mitchell) 3:48

12 GOD BLESS THE CHILD (Billie Holiday) 5:24

TOTAL 56:49


yvp music 3128

Ute Jeutter

Ute Jeutter vocals
Uwe Oberg piano
Rudi Engel bass
Axel Pape drums

Special guest on tracks:
Heinz Sauer
1, 4, 12 tenor sax

Ute Jeutter vocals
Ute Jeutter, born on May 27th, 1956 in Frankfurt, is a blues and jazz singer firmly established in the Rhein/Main jazz scene. Early in her life, she started playing the guitar and singing the Blues and after, getting a degree in Social Studies, she decided to become a professional musician. Since 1984 she has performed hundreds of concerts with her own quartet. To further enhance her warm alto voice she studied classical belcanto. After some excursions in musical and theatre performances she returned her attention to Jazz. She has been working with a lot of musicians and was often invited as a welcome guest singer in bands, projects and big bands. Besides her musical activities in Germany she has been successfully co-operating with a French Jazz formation. She also works as a practitioner of Applied Kinesiology for musicians. Ute Jeutter is not only able to perform a large selection of songs, tunes from the Empress of Blues Bessie Smith and other blues legends, songs of the Great American Songbook, but also rarely sung tunes of John Coltrane, Charles Mingus and Miles Davis. She has also created extraordinary projects like "Theo goes Jazz", jazz adaptions of the "German Songbook" by Theo Mackeben and Friedrich Hollaender.
One main focus of this CD are Ute Jeutter's interpretations of Charles Mingus compositions, particulary those that may not be as well-known as his wild, aggressive and political music and serves to highlight the poetic lyrics and sensitive music which show another side of that great musician.

Uwe Oberg piano
Uwe Oberg, born in 1962 in Offenbach, develops his music from the energy of Jazz and the sound of New Music. Since the early 80s (when the co-operation with Ute Jeutter also started) he has been playing in various musical contexts between Jazz and Improvised Music, with different ensembles and as a soloist. Currently he is leading his own trio/quartet, where he plays his own compositions as well as pieces by Thelonious Monk and others. He works with dancers and composes music for theatre and silent movies. He has played with numerous international musicians like Alfred Harth, Peter Kowald, Tony Oxley, Sven-Ake Johansson, Urs Leimgruber, Heinz Sauer and Paul Lovens.

Rudi Engel bass
Rudi Engel is a bassplayer in great demand, he works with Ernie Watts´ European Quartet. Furthermore, he appears on three yvp music CDs with the Annette Neuffer Quintet. He is also the co-leader of a trio with Bernhard Pichl on piano and Bill Elgart on drums.

Axel Pape drums
Axel Pape was born in 1977 in Wiesbaden; Stuttgart Conservatory, University of Mainz, graduated in 2003. Axel works in the field of Jazz and Contemporary Music.


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