1. AUBE (Blaser) 5:13
2. SATYR (Blaser) 5:19
3. REVES (Aeby) 6:40
4. SALAMANDRE (Torchinsky) 8:26
5. LARMES (Aeby) 4:28
6. BERT'S BLUES (Blaser) 6:01
7. TIMELESS TALES (Aeby) 4:50
8. HYMNE (Blaser) 8:24

TOTAL 49:21

yvp music 3125

aeby - blaser - pouradier duteil - torchinsky

Stefan Aeby, piano
Samuel Blaser, trombone
David Pouradier Duteil, drums
Yves Torchinsky, bass

Stefan Aeby
Pianist Stefan Aeby was born in 1979 in Fribourg (Switzerland), where, at the age of 9, he started taking piano lessons at the conservatory. He finished his studies in 2001 in piano and theory with a certificat. Since then, he continued studiing with Jean Christophe Cholet, Patrick Muller and Don Friedman. In 2004 he started working as a piano teacher at the "Montreux Jazz School" and finished his university studies (arts and musk:). During the "generations masterclass workshops" 2000 and 2002 he played with Brad Leali, Dereck Gardner and Adam Nussbaum. He also worked for Phil Collins' "little dreams foundation" and the movie company "lanterne magique".
Except concerts with his own groups (duo, trio and quartet) he played with: Franck Tortiller, Rory Stuart, Daniel Perrin, Alain Petitmermet, Alain Tissot, Olivier Nussbaum, and, in 2003, participated in an inter national tour of the "Clautiio Pontiggia Quintet" with Marcel Papaux, Peter Bokius, Claude Schneider and Claudio Pontiggia.

Samuel Blaser
Trombone player Samuel Blaser was bom in La Chaux de Fonds in 1981. He started learning trombone at the age of 9 at the local conservatory, where he finished his classical studies in 2003. Since then, he continued his studies with teachers such as Danillo Moccia, Adrian Mears, Hal Crook, Jacques Henry andGeoffroy de Masure. He played with the "swiss jazz orchestra", which gave him the occasion to play concerts with Phil Woods, Buddy de Franco, Clark Terry, Bobby Shew...
In autumn 2000 he won the "Benny Goison Prize" at the "generations masterclass V He played with: Claudio Roditi, Franck Tortiller/Claudio Pontiggia group, Brad Leali, Arkady Shilkoper, Derick Gardner, Miles Evans, Francis Varris, Malcolm Braff, Matthieu Michel, Jean Marie Ecay, David Lynx, Peter Bokius and the "Big Band de Lausanne". In 2002 he played with the "Vienna Art Orchestra", but still continues his own groups (trio...).

David Pouradier Duteil
Born in 1963, first price in the higher level at the Agostini Paris Drum School in 1983. First performances from 1977 with Dante Agostini, Sylvain Beuf; Many musical collaborations since this period: Okay Temiz (with Senem Diyici 6tet), Francis Lockwood, Juan-Jose Mosalini, Jean-Marie Machado, Jean-Marc Padovani, Franck Tortilter,Yve$ Rousseau. Eric S6va and f^nty Chaudagne in YES YES YES. Winners of the Heineken trophSe Jazz discoveries in 1990. David Liebman, guest in Yes Yes Yes, Nana Vasconcelos guest in Vibracordes. Michel Legrand in his trio and with famous philarmonic orchestras all around the world. Jessye Norman asks him for her european 1999 and 2004 tours. Mike Mainieri, guest in a trench tour in October 1999. From 1994, Yamaha Drums Artist. In 19%, with Tortiller and Rousseau, special projectincluding Michel Godard and Vincent Courtois. Member of Tortiller Quartet in 2000 with Claudio Pontiggia and Yves Torchinsky, of Archimusic, french octet since 1993, of "Deviation", french Company of Percussion and Street Theatre.

Yves Torchinsky
Bass player, composer and teacher Yves Torchinsky made his first musical experiences in different blues and rythm n' blues groups in france. Slowly getting into jazz, he started playing with Dominique PifarSly, Daniel Huck, Didier Roussin, Francis Varis, Dominique Cravic und Jean-Michel Davis. Simultaneously he continued his studies with Philippe Drogoz, Patrice Caratini and Christian Gentet.
As a member of the "orchestre des contrebasses" since it's foundation in 1981 he played in different festivals all around the world (japan, america, europe...).
Since 1989 he plays in the Rene Urtreger trio with Eric Dervieu and plays regularly in the most important parts jazz clubs.
His most important musical collaborations are Lee Konitz, Tal Farlow, Ted Curson, Louis Smith, Benny Waters, Ron Blake, Richard Galliano, Pierrick Hardy, Mai Waldron, Barney Wilen, Steve Grossman, Klaus Stdtter,"le collectif montreuillois Incidences", Jacques Mahieux, Simon Goubert. Since several years he teaches
doublebass and bassguitar at the jazzschools of Metz and Lille in France.

"Aeby - Blaser - Pouradier Duteil - Torchinsky" is a collaboration of two young swiss musicians, Stefan Aeby (piano) and Samuel Blaser (trombone), with the experienced french rhythm section of David Pouradier Duteil (drums) and Yves Torchinsky (bass).
Coming from different musical cultures and different countries, speaking different languages and travelling between Paris and Lausanne, they met somewhere inbetween with all the same intentions: playing music, telling stories and capturing the listener in their own lyric and melodic universe...

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